PlayboyPlus - Chloe Rose - Fresh Air
Chloe Rose - Fresh Air
Released: May 22, 2019
Get some fresh air with the truly captivating, Chloe Rose. On location in Cape Town, South Africa, Chloe enjoys the cool breeze and sunshine while the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer snaps his camera away. Dressed in nothing more than a tie-top and pink bikini bottoms, Chloe gazes deeply into the camera for all her adoring fans. For Chloe, enjoying a nice day outside is exactly how she would spend her time if she weren’t working. “In my spare time I love going for long walks in nature,” she tells us...

“It keeps me down to earth, calm and aware. If I had a superpower it would be to heal the earth.” Thoughtful, energetic and totally mesmerizing, Chloe could just be the girl of our dreams. “I was born into this world naked,” she says with a smile. “Posing nude comes to me naturally!” Are you enjoying this enchanting pictorial from the one and only, Chloe Rose? Make sure to check out her other sets, right here, only on Playboy Plus!


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